Debbie Kingsley
I've worked in the arts and cultural sector for more than twenty-five years, with artists, arts organisations of all scales and with the public sector developing and delivering their arts policies. Now my role is to support the creative and organisational development of all clients as consultant, trainer, facilitator, coach, mentor and critical friend; my focus is entirely on helping you and your organisation getting to where you want to be.

Getting to the nub of things. Sometimes the issue that’s presented is the one that needs resolving; often it’s not, or is not the whole picture. Together we take stock and find ways to get to grips with the issues that have been pushed to one side as too challenging or time consuming.
“Random, instinctive and philosophical thinking is really coherent clear thinking strategy in disguise. You helped us unmask the first so that the second could make the case for RFO status and thousands of pounds of funding.”

Invigorating and energising. Working in the arts sector is a privilege and a challenge. Ensuring your organisation is equal to delivering its artistic vision, that the team has a shared understanding of how they all contribute to achieving the vision, cannot be taken for granted. I work with organisations to plan and implement change, giving the team confidence and opening up communication so that everyone is able to contribute creatively to the process.
“Thank you so much for yesterday – it was great – left me confident and inspired and motivated.”
“I think it's the first time that we saw ourselves as a group with an important remit”.

Fit for purpose. Arts managers are expected to be masters of many trades, and delivering to that expectation requires a strong grasp of strategic thinking and planning. I design, develop and deliver training and development programmes for individual organisations and for groups of organisations, to develop the skills arts managers and leaders need to run their organisations effectively.
“We’ve never had such a clear vision and objectives before, and now we do”

“The course throws up all those issues where you say: why didn’t we ever think of that?”

Good old fashioned support. When you are just too pushed to review your processes, systems and policies in-house; when you need to carry out a governance review, shape a new business plan, create new job roles and structures or assess development needs; when an objective eye would be of real value to your thinking. If you need practical support to move forward, I can help.
“It has made me think much more clearly about what needs to be done. I can’t necessarily answer all the questions but I have a very clear picture of what we need to clarify and articulate, and how doing it in this way will help Board and staff cohesion”.